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Check our menu. Fall in love with our lovely modern Mexican food. Always fresh and locally sourced. Familiar yet totally amazing.


cocktail bar

Our cocktail bar is a place of good spirits and joy. The right place to wind down after a hard days work and a perfect prelude to dinner at Madre.


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This is not just a restaurant. This is a declaration of love. The love for good food, fabulous drinks and honest stories. Come to Madre and become part of our stories.

Madre is where modern Mexican cuisine meets Amsterdam flair. A global experience, right at the heart of the Jordaan. We bring out the best of locally sourced, seasonal, fresh ingredients. From soil to supper, from field to fork, from nature with love. Our farmers are our hero’s, our neighbors are our family. Pull up a chair and join the conversation. You will feel right at home.

Madre has a greed for good. We love to be part of positive change. Taking care of the people around us, looking out for our neighborhood and world. Like a Madre would. Please join us for the food and drinks that make you happy. Meet your fellow world citizens. Come to Madre.

Somehow somewhere every story starts with a mother. Life, the universe and everything: Madre’s matter, Madre’s rule.

Madre’s making waves

We celebrate the ones who just will not accept that things are the way they are. Madre embraces the people who start a little revolution of their own. Together we can make waves. At Madre you will meet the local heroes and the wavemakers from around the world.

Like Vaggeli Voyiatzis from Lots of Lesvos, the nature inclusive guys from Groenhartig, Harmen van Doorn of Pay it Forward Pifworld, Afghaanse rapper en activiste Sonita Alizadeh, the late great Gino Strada, 17 yo clean water advocate Autumn Peltier and so many others who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, and do.

All round awesomeness

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