Harmen van Doorn

Founder of Pifworld

Pifworld makes it possible for everyone to do good and change the world together. Individuals, groups, schools and companies — everyone can contribute to a better world in their own way at PIF — and support non-profit organizations.

PIF is short for Pay it Forward which means ‘Do good for people you know or don't know’. It originates from the feature film Pay It Forward in which a high school student devises a system to make the world a better place — and succeeds.

Harmen van Doorn from Play It Forward, a technology company and social enterprise, is founder of Pifworld.com. Since going live in 2009 Pifworld has engaged over250,000 supporters who together raised almost 15 million euro for 5,400 non-profit organizations. What a way to make an impact!

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‘Pifworld has engaged over250,000 supporters and raised almost €15 million for 5,400 non-profits’