The nature inclusive guys from Groenhartig

Meet the guys from Groenhartig. They have been growing a large selection of organic produce for the chef’s and foodies of Amsterdam since 2016 using re-generative agricultural principles. Their beautiful happy harvest is on your plate at Madre.

‘Tasty vegetables, grown in cooperation with nature, in the city, for the city. There you have Groenhartig’

They work according to ecological principles. Groenhartig does not just look at the end-product, but takes the whole ecosystem in which our gardens are situated into consideration. Soil health is a large part of that as well. A healthy soil is the basis for healthy humans, according to Groenhartig. Therefore they work solely with natural soil amendments to stimulate soil life an the mineral balance in the soil.  Happy healthy soil will ensure happy healthy produce and you are what you eat! ☺ 

With the help of flowering hedges and a range of perennial plants, they try to boost the local ecosystem and incorporate as many hunting insects and other helpers in to the garden. They not only contain pests, but they care for a more balanced nutrient base for the product leaving the farm.

Way to go Groenhartig, thank you for everything you do!