Autumn Peltier

17 yo clear water advocate

Autumn Peltier, born in 2004, is an avid water advocate from the Anishinaabe tribe of Canada. Inspired by her aunt, who walked the Great Lakes educating people on water conservation and Indigenous water rights, the Autumn started talking at community events about the importance of protecting Canada’s water at just 8 years old.  

She gained national and international notice at a meeting of the Assembly of First Nations when she presented Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a copper water pot and confronted him on his record on water protection and his support for pipelines. Her speech had an enormous impact and inspired the Assembly of First Nations to create the Niabi Odacidae fund.

In 2019, she was nominated for an International Children's Peace Prize. One thing is for sure,  Autumn Peltier isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Beautiful unstoppable Autumn, Madre loves you ….

‘We can't eat money or drink oil. We all need clean water, period!’